Private label glassware

Private label mouthblown glassware

Private label glassware of your own? In small-batch, medium or big size (hunderds to a few thousand units)?  With a large number of pot colours, we realize projects for designers, glass artists and more. Want to know what we allready created? Check the Catalog. Everything is possible.

Below you can read how we can get started. Or just send us a message/mail.


How to start your own production?

Step 1. First share your ideas, and give us material what your product should look like. If you don’t have an idea or material, it’s also not a problem. If necessary, we do everything for you. After that we are going to check if it’s viable in the financial and technological way.

Step 2. Some details can make your production really expensive. Ozzaro takes a look and checks how to make it in the most realistic way. When agreed, we make drawings and a wooden mold. At this point we came to the first part of the physic product development. Making samples.

Step 3. Now we can check if the samples look like the way you desire. All good? Or do we need adjustments? When the client is happy with result, we’re going to start production. Depending on size and color.

Step 4. Your product is ready and will be shipped to your preferred destination.

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