Crystal glass production

Bohemian crystal production

The crystal production industry is hand-cut, and one of the oldest traditions in central Europe. For more than 800 years, Glass and crystal has been made in Bohemia. Different techniques preserving the skill and art of handmade crystal glass production. So, craftsmanship, artisticity and technical skill are crucial, and much admired all over the world. At Ozzaro crystal meets with experimental pleasure, ultimate professionalism and design.

By manipulating material, combined with artistic craftmanship, and the skill of glassmakers. We are able to make so called Bohemian Crystal products. The excellent level of this production is not only based on tradition, but also on experience, training and skill. Especially skill and love for glass is important, to create the desired product.

Training is important in the art of glassmaking. That’s why there are special schools whom are specialized in training glassmakers, crystal cutters, engravers and technicians. The first one was founded in 1856, and are still focused on taking care of the development of each student, passing skill and expertise.

Bohemian crystal  by Ozzaro

Tradition is very important in this business, but together with skill and creativity in production and design, Bohemian crystal production by Ozzaro is responsible for world’s leading crystal products.

The Ozzaro collection represents one of the best Bohemian crystal art products you can find around the globe. Few areas in the world have such a wide range of experts is this craft. Even though modern science and technology increases possibilities and quality. Bohemian glassmakers rely upon traditions, various techniques, skill and art. This will remain and have always been essential.

So, are you looking for a bohemian crystal glass production factory, to make your glass dreams reality? You came to the right place. Check our catalog, to see what we already made. Or check the production page, if you want to unroll your own product.

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